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Decor - Production Pipeline snippet

A brief snippet of a digital compositing pipeline. Enjoy...

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Pancho Ballard & the Banditos - Music Promo

Another dream project for us. The brief was to create a western, but make it a horror theme. Time for more zombies then. Enjoy...

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The Blizzards - Music Promo

This was a hugely enjoyable project. Billed as the first ever music video for a book launch, this video was part of the marketing campaign for the sequel to Hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy. Taking just 2 weeks to produced, front to back, this video was selected as BBC radio 6's video of the week. Enjoy...

Who we are

Based in Southampton, we are a cutting edge studio with a keen eye for creativity and the fast hands needed to get it done. The production team has a collective skillset covering all aspects of visual content creation and each member is actively involved in the education of the next generation of animation artists.